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This is our own one-page promo leaflet: IHO Spaced Out promo leaflet.


There was a lengthy interview about us with a music sample in the cover-mount CD of Fireworks Magazine #88 (Oct-Dec 2019). Here’s a PDF of the interview: Intergalactic Huso Orchestra – Fireworks.

Local newspaper Kunnallislehti made a full-page story about us on 28-Nov-2019, complete with a review of the album; naturally all in Finnish. The paper itself may be difficult to obtain besides the digital content subscription at Here’s a PDF version of the article: Kunnallislehti 20191126: “Musiikkia Huson ja Linnunradan laidalta”.

Spaced Out Reviews

Kunnallislehti 28.11.2019

As a whole, ‘Spaced out’ is varying and relaxed for a prog album. It mostly steers clear from being artificially artistic and it is boring at most in some places, which is a great achievement in instrumental music of this genre.

Simple combines with complexity in a natural manner.

Perttu Hemminki (IHO translation)


But musically, it’s a cracker as they head off into the world of Weather Report, John McLaughlin and others of that ilk. 

Although it’s mainly classic fusion they do reach out into the words of pure jazz, rock and even prog on what is an absolute gem.

The Rocker

The internals of The Rocker site is are a bit difficult to link to. Look for “Reviews Roundup October 25, 2019”. The content was also posted on IHO Facebook page on 27-Oct-2019.


Both Jimbo and Jari obviously have a wicked sense of humour, which demonstrates itself both in the musical compositions, as well as the song titles.

The packaging is a great accompaniment to the music, with insightful notes guiding the listener along the journey. The images used are also stunning, adding to the physical package.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys instrumental music based on jazz, but heavy on the fusion element. It is certainly a disc I will return to.

Stefan Hennig


“Spaced Out” is a varied yet harmonious album that never sounds dusty or cramped despite a long production time, but creative and fresh. An all around successful debut of the Husos from Finland.

Lennart Paul (Google translation)


Building upon the foundations of classic 1970’s Finnish fusion, Intergalactic Huso Orchestra brings the genre up to date with style and passion. IHO boldly goes where no Finnish fusion band gone before.


Sen fuusioituneet ainekset syöksähtelevät rockiin, jazziin ja progeen virtuoosimaisin virnistyksin, joten käsijarrulle ei ollut tarvetta.

Juha Seitz

Full content in an IHO Facebook post 26-Aug-2019.


Mitään kertakaikkisen pysäyttäviä tähtihetkiä Intergalactic Huso Orchestra ei kenties tarjoa, mutta varsin miellyttävät 64 minuuttia ammattitaitoisesti soitettua hyvän mielen jazzfuusiota.

Matti Pajuniemi


On the second song (Afternoon Romp) they remind of their countrymen XL, and on their level they also act on the remaining songs.

Jürgen Meurer (Google translation, slightly improved but still clunky)

Full content and translation in an IHO Facebook post 17-Jul-2019.


… it is instead highly enjoyable music, based on really engaging grooves, even in the most technical moments.

Rock Impressions (translation)


 Progressiver Jazz/Fusion, wie man ihn hören möchte: kreativ, dynamisch, traditionell und doch im modernen Gewand  

Horst-Werner Riedel